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                   My Stuff
Ok this part is about the stuff i keep..

ok first my name ... Tim  Bardsley-Smith...where i live.... in a small community in the Blue Mountains called Warrimoo....its about 1hr drive from sydney..... in Australia if u havent worked that out already..... now my tanks ... i have 9 tanks.....and will be getting some more soon when we get our garage built..

anyway here is what i have as of the 2nd of April 1999...

my tanks are 180gal, 2 x 80 gal, 3 x shallow 4fts, 38 gal and 2 x 29 gal....

here are the fish i have

Bay Snooks
Jack Dempsies
Alto. Calvus
Alto. Compressicepts
Neo. Occelatus
Neo. Brevis
Neo. Lelupie
Tropheus Duboisi "yellow masswa"
Furcifur or Foai


Australian Natives: 
Saratoga or Australian Arowana, Leichardi

Silver Dollars
Sucker Fish

Fish i have had:
Sooty Grunter
Murry Cod
Sleepy Cod
Silver Shark
Clown Loach
Electric Yellows
Electric Blues
Mangrove Jacks
Green Terrors

ok now the surinamenis pair i have have beeen breeding almost fortnightly somtimes weekly but the female wont look after the fry.... i have raise 2 batches so far and will let her practice on the other spawns till she gets it right.....

my Occelatus have bred twice so far that i know ofi got 4 babies the first time and 2 the second...i have suspision snails are eating the eggs......

my Festae pair....well i had a pair....they spawned once but a sucker fish ate most of the eggs....i got rid of the sucker fish and they spawned again 1 month later....i got a huge number of fry... and i moved a bunch to a fry raising tank and left the rest with the parents....but after about 1 week free swimming there was a huge drop in numbers of the both the fry holding tank and with the parents...more than half in each tank just died...i have a suspision as to this is the reason females are very hard to find.....anyway 1 month later with fry still in the tank she spawned again...i went to bed while she was laying and woke up and she had been beaten by the male.....i move the male and she died about 1 hr later...i figure he just wasent ready for another spawn with babies still in the tank...

my Dovii... well i had 2 spawns wich were unfertilised until i had a huge spawn i estimate close to 2000 fry.. i fed quite a lot of the fry before the week was out...2000 fry is way to much to look after... they grew pretty quick and i still have some bubs left there about 2" now.. i also sold about 100 already... anyway my Dovii needed a bigger tank so i put them in my 125gal with the new pair of Festae...the female Festae killed my female dovii in about 2 day's...i moved her out but she only lasted a day after the beating... ...the male was soon moved as well....

Tropheus Duboisi... i have had tropheus for about 3 months now....this was the first time i tried them and found they were alot easier than people have said... i have just noticed a female with a full mouth but i have a suspision she ate some as her mouth has reduced in size but even if babies dont come from this mouthfull i will be happy...

anyway finaly here are some pics of my fish....there will be more soon....and i know there pretty crappy but i'm not really an expert photographer..

this is my male Snook

my 2 Oscars, they both have this weird white edge to there finage, very attractive if u ask me, these 2 are sibs and best of mates..

occasionaly they have there bad days but still get on well.....this is one of my favorite shots.....

but here they are again back to being best mates.
this is one of my Female trimac's she is still only about 4" and isalready courting with my Festae, u can see her now in her courting colours..see how she is very dark, trust me it looks alot better in real life :-), The second photo is her a couple of months later, she hasent grown heaps but i think it's because she was a runt, she's with 2 Fredrichthalii and a large Silver Doller.

this was my male Bifaciatus, he grew 7" in 5 months...
fastes growing fish i ever had

here's my Uaru....this guy is pretty cool

here is one of my Occelatus

here is my shell dweller tank, notice it is shallow and long?

my beloved Compressies.... some of my coolest fish...

Here are my Tropheus duboisi "Maswa"

Photo 1 and 2 by Simon Voorwinde

These are some more Altifrons fry

these are my Geo.Altifrons the 2 up the top are fry from the parents underneath them....a friend owns the 2 top ones he tooks the photo's of them.

Here is my male Fredrichthalii he's about 6" and theres my Uaru in the background.
my awesome 9" male Festae my pride and joy throughout my short fish keeping life

My male Festae and Dovii

These are my baby dovii there about 2" here and these are the offspring from the male above.
This is my S.Leichardi.. one of my fav's.

These are my Plecs, there cool but they poop too much. They keep the tank clean of algae however but i dont know if i would rather algae or poop.
Here are some of my fish grouped together there is a Altifrons, Severum, Amazonarum, a Gold Fredrichthalii and a Normal Fredrichthalii.

Here is a very cool pic of My Amazonarum, she's a female.

I just want to take this space to thank Simon a very good friend, he has pretty much enabled this section to happen as i dont have a scanner , so he takes all my terrible photos and scans them for me he also helps me with a great many things on this site...... so Thankyou Simon