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Names: Jaguar Cichlid

Genus: Cichlasoma, Nandopis,

Size: Males 16"+ and Females around 14"

Temprament: Very Aggressive

Cichlid Tankmates : Umbriferum, Dovii, Trimaculatum, Beani, it's worth trying any large cichlid...but it really depends on the fish...some will put up with tankmates....others wont have a bar of it....

Non-Cichlid Tankmates : large catfish, large Australian natives, Other large above it's worth a try but be ready to remove the fish before there are any fatal incidents.......basically the only criteria a tankmate for a Dovii needs is size and ability to hold it's own..

Water:pH-7or just over, really not very fussy

On the Web:Real Cichlids Don't Eat Quiche
Photo from Real Cichlids Don't Eat Quiche

Photos from an Unknown source

Male and Female respectuvely

a Gold Morph Managuense

Photo by CNP at The Cichlid Scene
another Gold Morph Managuense
Photos from an Unknown source
Here is a pair of Managuense with a large spawn notice all the fry?