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             Bony Tongues
These guy's are the dinosaurs of the fish world.... fossil records of this ancient and wide spread family date back to 55 - 35 million years ago in North America and Sumatra and 65 - 10 million years ago in the Australia and India region... today's representatives from the Australasia region are.....

Formosus (aka.  Asian Arrowana, Arrows or Dragon Fish)
These guy's are considered one of the most beautiful fish in the world.... they also feature a lot in asian culture and superstition... the Red variant supposedly bringing good luck in financial areas.... but you will need all the luck in the money area you can get to even think about purchasing such a beautiful beast..... for the Asian Arrows prices can range fro $3000 US dollars to $400 US dollars.. with the Red form being the highest bidder and the Gold form the next on the list followed by the Green form... there are also many diffferent colour morphs, from the different places in Asia that they come.....

Photo from Dragonfish Industries



Jardini (aka. Aussie Arrowana, Gulf Saratoga or Northern Barramundi )
This is my favorite Arrowana...... of course i would much rather a Blood Red Asian Arrowana but that would be mainly for the monetary value.... i believe that a Red Jardini is better looking than a Blood Red Asian Arrowana... and that's not just being biast... this is a Red Jardini..... this is a Normal Jardini

Photo from Native Fish Australia             Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums
Leichardti ( Aussie Arrowana, Saratoga, Spotted Barramundi or Dawson Barramundi)
Similar to the Jardini, the Leichardti is a lighter fish but has single spots on each scale.. the Leichardti is also a more skittish fish... and is more likely to jump at activities outside there tank..

Photo from Native Fish Australia             Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums
representatives from South America are

Osteglossum Ferrerirai (aka. Black Arrowana, Black Aruana, or Black Beauty)
This is my favorite out of the the two Osteglossumoids... some say there is no difference between the two apart from the Black Juvenile being black.... but i disagree..... Black's tend to have a much darker colour and i also noticed that there fins seem to connect together to make it look like they have one fin that goes around the body.. like an eel..
Photo by Thomson's Arowana Corner           Photo from JAWS
Osteglossum Bicirrhosum (aka. Silver Arrowana, Silver Aruana)
this is the second of the Osteglossumoids

Photo by Thomson's Arowana Corner
Arapaima gigas (aka. Arapaima)
This is the monster of the freshwater world with a maximum of 14 ft in length... these guy's just look plain old awesome.... i  just wish i could have one.... stupid law's... i mean what damage could a 14 ft monster do to the Australian Natives... beats me why they wont let us import them..

Photo by Thomson's Arowana Corner
and then there is the African representative

Heterotis niloticus (aka. African Arrowana)
 Photo by Thomson's Arowana Corner


BackGround Photo by Thomson's Arowana Corner